My Very Own ‘Bucket List’

These are 60 things I HAVE to do before I die. Let me know if you have any suggestions… 

Currently completed: 3/60

(In no particular order)

1)       See Orang-utans in Borneo

I love these ginger, lanky things and I want to give one a big fat hug in its native land.

2)       Climb Mount Fuji in Japan

One of the only mountains that looks actually climbable. The views from the summit look beautiful as well! If Karl Pilkington can do it, so can I!

3)       Ride the Tran-Siberian Railway from Moscow to Beijing

Goes 1/3 of the world and through some of the most amazing places on Earth. Drinking vodka in Russia, experiencing the weirdness of Mongolia and then going through my most desired country of all; China.

4)       Go to Glastonbury Festival

Still can’t believe I haven’t gone to this! I’ve been to many festivals England and abroad but for some strange reason I haven’t been to the biggy. Has to be done!

5)      Work in Africa

Teaching? Volunteering? This would be an experience not to be missed and, what I can imagine, a very fulfilling experience. North Africa doesn’t count…

6)       Go to the Carnival in Brazil

I just want to wear one of those thongs and dance through the streets of Rio! Will have to get a tan first though…

7)       Travel through India

I can imagine this won’t be 100% fun 100% of the time, but I feel that it could perhaps be the most fulfilling of all of this list! A true conquest. Got to see the Taj en route as well.

8)       Go to a World Cup

Brazil 2014? England 2070? Who knows?! Has to be done though!

9)      Visit Machu Picchu

Truly one of the best treks I can think of doing. Staying for sunrise would be a must.

10)     Visit North Korea

I’ve read book after book on the place. Oh yes, it will happen

11)    Ride from Ho Chi Minh to Hanoi on a scooter

Vietnam was unbelievable but I would have liked to have got off of the tourist trail a bit and this would definitely be the best, and most suited, way to experience that.

12)    Visit Potala Palace, Tibet

Just stunning! I don’t know how easy this would be to do but where there’s a will there’s a way! To be honest, if I go to Tibet itself I won’t be too disappointed.

13)    Run a Marathon

I would be pretty damn pissed off if I went through my life without doing this. London is always difficult to get involved in but to finish a marathon anywhere is a must-do.

14)    Go Snowboarding or skiing

Extreme sports that definitely appeal to me. I don’t care if they destroy my knees and ruin my glorious football career.

15)    Learn another language to an advanced level

Us English are a lazy bunch when it comes to this but I would love to be able to travel to another country and get things done without using the “just talk louder in English” method.

16)    Do a Dive Master (of equivalent) course in Scuba Diving

I absolutely bloody love Scuba Diving and I want to maximise this love by being as good as I possibly can be!

17) Visit Banff, Canada

I just wanted an excuse to put Canada somewhere on the list to be honest… This place looks unbelievably picturesque though. Clear blue lakes, untouched forest and snowy peaks.

18)    Get to Grade 6 (or equivalent) on any instrument

Although I love my guitar, it probably wouldn’t be on this which I would achieve my Grade 6. I probably should aim for a Grade 8 but I have to be a tad realistic sometimes. Piano? Saxophone? Drums? Banjo? Who knows?!

19)    Visit the Galapagos Islands

The nature capital of the world! I think that says it all. The perfect outcome would be to scuba dive there. I have been to Ecuador and couldn’t get the money together to do this but it will happen one day…

20)    Visit the Scottish Highlands

So close, yet such a beautiful area of the world! Might be a bit cold though…

21)    Do the Masai Mara, Kenya

I’d be happy with any safari in Africa but this is the only one I know so that’s why it makes the list.

22)    See the Northern Lights

I wasn’t originally going to put this on the list. Everybody has it on their list don’t they? But once I looked into it more, I realised that there is indeed a reason this is on everyone’s list… Churchill in Canada would perhaps be the place to view them or Hammerfest in Norway.

23)   Live in New Zealand

Although there are many places I would like to visit, this is one where I would like to live. It’s just stunning and so laid back. In my view, it takes all the best features of Britain, gets rid of the worst bits, then makes the best bits even better. This might not come to fruition for many, many years though. Maybe retirement?

24)   Ride the Bernina Express

I’d never heard about this before but look it up. The Trans-Siberian railway looks amazing but this is equally brilliant in a very different way! Going through the Alps by rail. Who could argue with that?

25)    Visit Petra, Jordan

Such a fascinating place. I wasn’t going to put this on the list but I’ve realised  I would be gutted if I never visited this place.

26)   Visit Bhutan

This place prioritises happiness over GDP and it looks unbelievable. This would be right near the top of my priorities if it wasn’t so hard/expensive to get to. It WILL happen though!

27)    Write a novel

I don’t really care if it gets published if I’m honest. I just want to say; “Hello, I’m Bert/Robert/ Rob (depends on who I’m speaking to). Do you want to read my novel?”

28)    Enter the Amazonian Rainforest

It’s such a cool place. I have a huge fear of snakes which I would have to overcome but it would be worth it. Yet another entry from South America…

Done! In October 2013, I went on a tour to Cuyabeno Nature Reserve in the Ecuadorian Amazon and it really didn’t disappoint! It was possibly the most beautiful place I’ve ever been to and I saw all kinds of critters frolicking in the wild including monkeys, dolphins, caiman and parrots. I also caught a fleeting glimpse of an anaconda… 

29)    Go to a jazz/blues bar in New Orleans

Is there anywhere cooler on Earth than a New Orleans’ blues bar? If there is.. I’ll replace this with it.

30)    Attend a major football match in South America

They bloody love it and I want to go crazy with those fools!

Done! 11th June 2013 attended Ecuador Vs Argentina at the Estadio Olimpico Atahualpa in Quito, Ecuador. The match ended 1-1 but did not disappoint. The atmosphere was electric and Ecuador should have easily won, especially after the sending off of Javier Mascherano for kicking one of the medical staff for driving a golf-buggy too fast. You don’t see that every day do you? Also, I got to see perhaps the greatest football player of all time; Lionel Messi. I almost saw a wonder-goal from the genius as well. 

IMG_1935 IMG_1942 IMG_1959 IMG_1984 IMG_2004

31) Play football in South America

Well I can’t just watch can I? Preferably, I’d like to become part of a team but one or two matches would suit me perfectly.

32)   Travel on the Darjeeling Railway

A spot of chai whilst travelling through the Himalayan foothills would go down very well.

33)   See a Komodo Dragon in the wild

These must be one of the best animals going! They are bloody massive and look like dinosaurs. End of.

34)   Bungee jump at Hackett Bridge, NZ

Well I’ve got to bungee jump and some point don’t I?? And what better place than here!?

If I’m brutally honest though, I would be happy to bungee at any of these…

35)   Visit New York either at Christmas or New Years

I went to New York a couple of years ago and absolutely fell in love with the place! I swore that I would go back one day and these seem the most fitting days to be in the fine place.

36)   Spend a day or more in meditation in a Buddhist Monastery

Not a Buddhist. Never will be a Buddhist. However, I feel that this would be such an interesting a self-discovering experience. It’s also not as difficult to do as one would believe.

37) Visit Tiger Leaping Gorge, Yunnan Province, China

China itself has to be top of my list. I’m absolutely fascinated by the place and this province in general interests me immensely.

38) Volunteer in Cambodia

After reading so much about the Khmer Rouge, then visiting the nation, I couldn’t let life go by without returning to volunteer and to try and help in any way.

39) Take part in La Tomatina, Spain

I just want to throw a tomato as hard as possible into another human being’s face.

40) Take part in an organised protest

Stick it to the man and such like.

41) Go to Uyuni, Bolivia

This place is bloody weird! I want to visit it to understand it more than anything. Such a different landscape to anything I have ever seen before.

42) See the Preikestolen Cliffs, Norway

They look incredible! Never heard of them before I started making this list but now I have found it I have to see it with my own beady eyes.

43) Go to  Boryeong Mud Festival, South Korea

A lot of fun and, good for your skin!

44) Swim with a Great White Shark

Cage or no cage. I really want to do this! Preferably I’d like to give one a little tickle.

45) Go to Oktoberfest in Munich

Preferably, I would do this in a lederhosen. This wasn’t previously on the list due to a German man telling me that it was overrated, however, I have since received a gleaming recommendation from a workmate.

46) Visit Yellowstone National Park, U.S.A

See the copious amounts of wildlife and steal some picnic baskets.

47) Go on a road trip around Iceland

Northern Lights? Glaciers? Volcanoes? BLUE WHALES?! ‘Nuff said.

48) Musically perform in 20 (or more)  countries (4/20) 

I need one where I can keep a tally due to my compulsive tendencies. Currently England, Cambodia, Thailand and Ecuador have been done.

49) Enter, and complete, at least 3 eating challenges with a t-shirt, trophy or photo on the wall as a prize (0/3)

Don’t ask me why, I just really want to do this. I also think that I have the appetite to succeed. I have recently discovered two such places that offer this kind of challenge in Oxford, therefore I aim to do one before I leave.

50) Visit Iguaza Falls, Argentina/Brazil

All of the world’s major waterfalls would probably be on this list but there just isn’t the place and I think this is the pick of the bunch.

51) Go on a pilgrimage

Discover myself and have a good ol’ think and all that. Doing the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage is perhaps the most appealing one I have discovered so far but more research needs to be done…

52) Visit and go trekking in Nepal

Such a beautiful and unique country. I would be gutted if I went a lifetime without visiting this place.

53) Visit all seven continents (3/7) (so far: Europe, Asia and South America)

Visiting Antarctica isn’t exactly going to be easy but I think I can do it. So far, Europe, North America and Asia have been done with South America not far away.

54) Produce an album

I’ve been song-writing since the age of 14 but most of the songs I have written have been forgotten. At some point I would like to have something to show for it. Preferably I would do this within a band, however, an acoustic album would suffice. I would love to meet somebody kind enough to fund this,however, this may just be a dream..

55) Go on a ‘luxury’ holiday

Although I love roughing it, I would like to go on a swanky, all-inclusive holiday somewhere exotic and classy (perhaps the Seychelles, somewhere in the Caribbean or back to the Maldives). I’ve had one or two really nice holidays when I was younger but I feel like it would be a very different experience going as an adult. I can’t see this happening anytime in the near future but once I get a woman drunk enough to marry me, it’s a definitely possibility.

56) Travel Central America e.g. from Mexico to Columbia

Must be one of the most beautiful areas of the world and is so rich in nature and dramatic scenery. It seems a bit of a road less traveled as well which is always a plus.

57) ‘Do’ Vegas

A late addition to the list but a definite inclusion. It’s very different to most of the inclusions on this list. Most are about seeing some miracle of nature, or doing something truly worthwhile. This, however, is not. It’s about going to Vegas and going MENTAL.

58) Go to Everest base camp

This list is probably a bit dreamy, but I’m still not putting “climb Everest” on it. However, I would love to visit its base camp as the scenery looks insane. Maybe I’ll climb it if I want to. See how I feel.

59) Visit Torres del Paine, Chile

I really want to go to this country and this particular sight has to be seen.

60) Teach

I really want to impart my vast amounts of knowledge to another generation at some point in my life…. Seriously though, I would love to teach. Whether teaching English abroad or teaching the little brats that live over here, I would love to do it. Maybe sooner than I think hopefully…

Done! I completed my CELTA course at International House, Budapest and have continued my career in Quito, Ecuador and I’m currently loving it! It’s definitely better than working at a fireworks factory anyway…






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